New Stories…

A few years back I used to write short stories and essays about different things – fan fictions and original stories which had various themes. And since from next week I will have some days off – far from anything – since I only got three days left at my current job – before my new one 🙂 – I decided to work on three stories.

They will be called The Last Broadcast – which will be a zombie themed short story, When Blue Butterflies Die – for this I am thinking about a few parts – a psychological horror story and Post Tenebras – a story set in the Penumbra game universe.

I am really looking forward to these days – when I will work on them – especially in the mornings – when I observed I am more creative. The zombie story will be a struggle for survival for a group lost in the middle of the undead hordes. When Blue Butterflies Die will deal with the unlimited frontiers of the human mind and the last one will be a lonely journey of survival in the Greenland’s abandoned mines, through uncertainty.

As I was saying – I got three days left at my current job. Lately I’ve been busy with my exams and getting ready for the new job (after getting it) – and I want to make most of the time before starting it. I think I deserve a break. So.. these days I will think about ways to write the stories more and more interesting and I will wait for the right time to begin writing. Once again, looking forward to it… 🙂


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