There is nothing like finding a good spot in nature where only the sound of birds and wind through the young leaves are present.

Forget all the noise and the long list of duties.. for a couple of hours and spend this time in the middle of the forest. You will find it appealing, exciting, adventurous, reinvigorating, revitalizing.

Bring some cold water with you, plenty of it, some good sandwiches and a loved one. And embark on the journey through this world of wonders…

You’ll see nature as a living entity, green as the predominant color of life, trees embracing in a splendid reach for the stars. But most importantly, sweet scents and quietness. Standing there, watching the sky through the branches… you’ll almost fall asleep and you will realize that most of your problems are so little.. so unimportant.. so vague..

Nature.   Remedy.   Mystery.   Calmness.


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