Ring: Kanzenban

Koji Suzuki’s novel “Ring” not only captivated with its originality and the tension described in its pages but also managed to reach visionaries who wanted to present the story with a full-live action motion. There are many adaptations, sequels and prequels describing the universe of this dark world depicted in the “Ring”.

And because I am a huge fan of the books and the movies – and since my books somehow dissapeared – hmm – I began watching the movies – starting in a chronological order (and sometime later I’ll want to order the books online – cuz I really need them).

First movie ever made regarding “The Cursed Tape” was Ring: Kanzeban or Ring: The Complete Edition. It is the most accurate adaptation of the first book. Seeing it was like reading again the entire book with a speed that not only let me recall memories and how I felt when reading, but also attaching a visual metaphor to the meanings, passages, phrases and words I still remembered after reading the novel.

Ring+-+Kanzenban The timeline in the movies respects the timeline described in the pages of the novel. After discovering a liaison between 4 strange death, in which 4 teenagers died of a heart failure, a journalist starts investigating their last actions. It happens that he discovers information about a secret trip to a cabin resort – where they have encountered a strange tape.

Yes.. The almighty cursed tape  🙂

There was a time in which there were cursed videos popular on Youtube.. and I would spend time watching them and analyzing their messages and they appeared straight-forward… but then again I never died – but my shoulder hurts like a motherfucker today… Must be the cold.. or Sadako resting on my shoulder….

The book is written as a cryptic investigation in which each clue matters for finding the next piece of the puzzle. Having a film visually presenting the investigation – it’s quite a bonus in understanding the depth of the story.

Detailed Information:

Ring: Kanzenban (Japanese: リング 完全版 Hepburn: Ringu: Kanzenban, lit. “Ring: The Complete Edition“) is a 1995 Japanese horror film based on the book Ring by Koji Suzuki. Unlike that of the later film series the characters remain largely unchanged and in comparison other films made of this novel it is the most accurate in relation to the original text.

The film premiered on the Japanese television station Fuji TV on August 11, 1995 as Ring. When released on home video in Japan on VHS and LaserDisc, the film was released as Ring: Kanzenban with a few changes. The film has only been released in Japan, and has not seen a home video re-release since 1997.

Director:    Chisui Takigawa
Writer:       Joji Iida, Taizo Soshigaya, Koji Suzuki
Producer:  Ryunosuke Endo, Hidehiro Iwadera, Noriyasu Ueki
Stars:          Katsunori Takahashi, Ayane Miura, Yoshio Harada

Additional information on the cursed tape.

Ringu: Kanzenban on IMDB.

For those who want to watch the movie – there are several option on finding the film on various online-movie sites and also on Youtube. Enjoy.

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