Official Zombie Weekend

Let there be braaaaaaains.. and weekend.. 🧟

So.. I kinda decided this weekend should be a time for enjoying some zombie movies, books, artworks, podcasts and of course – games <3. Three days only meant for the Undead. Besides me working on my school project – last project that didn’t end up finished last week……..

I created this blog as an idea about the zombies and such.. since it’s one of my favorite themes in media. There was a time when I was purely obsessed with zombies and the all act of the dead taking over the world. The Walking Dead, 28 Days Later, Left 4 Dead, We’re Alive – all these productions tell great stories in various forms about the zombie apocalypse. And I find myself enjoying them over and over.

So – this weekend – as part of my breaks between working on my project and studying HTML/CSS/Javascript – I will drink tea with the undead (metaphorically).

Next article is a conceptual review of one of the first zombie movies ever created – White Zombie. It will be written while I watch the movie – so I will note down important aspects of the film – and ideas about how the story develops…

[wait what are those sounds.. is anyone there.. wait.. what.. who are y……………

static continues…. ]




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