YouTube Channel

So regarding my YouTube channel.. I just came up with this idea.. Since I have lots to do.. to study.. and I ain’t got the time I’d want to spend on gaming [insert sadness function here] and since there are tons of walkthroughs on each game released.. I will use my channel mainly to post short videos of ambient atmospheres, dialogues, puzzles, music videos and gameplays of indie games and also parts of gameplays from various games I am playing at a certain time.

Recently I posted a full walk-through of a short horror indie game called Which. I would like to post more videos but practically with my schedule now it is kinda impossible. But I’ll try to find time for that. At least two/three videos per week. Sounds reasonable for now.

You can check out my videos here – Darkstep Gaming.

Below is my latest video uploaded. Enjoy.



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