10 Months (And Counting).

Another step towards 500 years together :))

Today, exactly 10 months ago, I was surprised to see a notification.. A friend accept.. I was telling myself.. What is going on here.. Hmmm.. Let’s see.

And I said good morning. She replied. We were both on the bus, on our way to job. The first day we didn’t actually talk much, we had time for that later… and then… we just.. happened. And 10 months later here we are.. doing everything together.

And it seems that this is just the beginning.. A long road is still ahead of us.

So.. for every minute of every hour of every day  since the first words you wrote to me.. I loved you.

You are my strength, my joy, my happiness. Especially these times when are so many things to do, you are always there, giving me a helpful hand. I appreciate everything you did for me. I’ll never forget that.

So let this evening settle in, cuz we have a lot to do from this point forward..


P.S. I adore your cooking, can’t wait for your anniversary pancakes <3.






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