#Dragons and #Plans

There are some things that fascinate me and I can’t get enough of them.. like stories, music, genres in visual art/literature and even games. The steampunk (replaying Bioshock right now) and the cyberpunk (playing Observer too.. I recommend it) genres are my favorites and I honestly think that if the world was to be represented by combined elements of these two – that would be amazing. Not the old, boring, detrimental, man-made, cold, harsh, stupid reality.. Hmm…

It is weekend.. and I am listening my top-favorite song… and trust me .. it is the number one when talking about how many times I did listen this track. And drinking coffee.. and planning the activities for this weekend.

So I managed to work on my CV (in Romanian for now). Three whole pages of stuff.. Kinda proud of it.. Took me two days to research and recall what has been happening over the years. I have this style when working on CVs, I get details, I write them on a piece of paper and then model them to get the perfect shape. First page – professional experience, second one – studies and known languages and other stuff, then qualifications and skills and so on.. with as many pointed out as possible. I will have to translate it in English today.. then research the job market to see what programming language is more needed on the market here. I know to write some C programs, some basic MVC but I really need to study harder.


I have to start working on some school projects too and study for the upcoming exams..

Gotta go to town to buy some stuff, later in the afternoon..

And I really want to watch some anime – since it’s been ages since the last anime series or episode that I’ve watched..

Also.. and I don’t know when this is going to be made possible – some lists with all the movies/anime/TV shows I’ve watched and games I’ve played.. Yup.. it is the year of lists :))

Anyways… Gotta get to work.. Catch you later.. I leave you with my favorite song..



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