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Happy New Year!

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Artwork by Arctic Char.


2018, Welcome!

So before I fall asleep on my laptop.. let me say Happy New Year to all of you – let there be joy and peace and prosperity in your lives. Be strong and be hardworking, be present, be aware and get things done. 


So.. 2017 is over.. been a relatively good year – for me, with ups and downs – with joy and peace – also with some tensions here and there. But overall it was quite good.

The first months were cold and lonely but when March arrived – SHE arrived. The one. The one who believed in me when I didn’t. The one who was there to hold me, to listen and to help. To be mad when I fucked up and to embrace me after talking sense into me. The one who can make all the bad stuff go away with one single whisper. The one I’ve been searching all these years. The one who is terribly tired and sleeps rights now. I am also tired but I promised myself to post this tonight.

One of the things 2018  must bring is calmness. I have to learn to be more calm and patient – like I used to be – in that way I can get things done. Another thing is probably something I can offer myself – a little more sleep – since I slept only 5-6 hours per night in the last 3 or 4 months. Yup – I know… Job in the morning – school in the afternoon – gaming at night <3… but the fatigue accumulates – and I cannot regenerate as I should.

We humans are magnificent creatures. We can be smart, resourceful, attentive – but also we can fuck up things so badly – making decisions that create mashed-potato kind of problems. And then we pity ourselves and we talk about what we did and how unfair is that.

This year I have to work hard, study hard, complete real-life quests :)) make some changes that should have been done a long time ago. I only hope that time will be by my side this time around… and let me accomplish my goals.

Another thing that I want 2018 to bring – is an answer to why are we here.. on this planet, at this time, at these coordinates.. more precise answers about our past. I’ve always been fascinated by Universe, its creation, its limits, and I believe that all the concepts, all the things that we know – have a truth attached. Yes some things are purely created from the imagination – and we can easily distinguish them from the rest of the known matter – but things like the ancient artifacts that tell us stories we cannot comprehend or we cannot remember, old books containing knowledge that we find fantasy, scientific data that we cannot use as we should – all raise more questions then offering some answers about ourselves. I believe that we know so very little about our species and planet and our purpose here. Hopefully some answers will arrive and soon.

That being said – I should probably get some sleep – I cannot keep my eyes open to read the article and make corrections before publishing it :))

Happy New Year people. Stay smart, stay healthy, stay strong, stay happy. Peace.