This Christmas…

Since I got a few days free from work and studying – I used this time only for sleeping, watching some movies, playing, being with my family and of course my girlfriend – and it seems to me that these free days are melting away too fast – sadly…

But I learned how to enjoy these moments and the people around.

Again – Merry Christmas to all who happen to read this.. wish you well, wish you patience and wish you strength in accomplishing what the next year is bringing to the table. I sure know I could use some of these :))

Paradox… I sit here, listening Christmas music, and I know that I soon have to start working on a lot of things, including projects, including studying harder, including searching for a better job. I have to do this.. no one’s gonna do it for me… But for now – let things be the way they are – it is Christmas – joy to the world. 🙂 Peace.


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