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So… I’ve been planning to post this for a while now… It is Saturday.. long day.. long week..

It is 10:28 and I’m drinking a hot cup of coffee.. Sleep.. goodbye my friend :))

I’ve been quite missing sleep the last 6 or 7 weeks. Since I began my master’s degree in E-Business all I do is work and study. Now and then I watch some movies and some episodes from a show with my girl, play some games late at night, obsess over some tracks from various soundtracks and kinda.. that’s all.

I learn how to code. I study procedural programming. I study descriptive and inferential statistics. I study the C language. I study web frameworks. And I fucking love it!

I also study 5 new subjects at the University. Over the summer I studied microeconomics and European economics. I’m in a process of on-going study since the beginning of July. Gets tiresome sometimes but there’s nothing a warm hug and a massage can’t fix. [love u wifey for that].

I have projects in mind for this site – but since I am learning to enter the programming community and leave my fucking job – which I fucking hate right now btw – all the fucked up retards that come and go and fucking people that I have to spend time with – can’t do much…

I will start replaying every single game I can recall playing – on consoles or PC – write an elaborate list – with links and reviews and screenshots. And yes – I want to create my own game someday – so I am studying hard for that – and play on every occasion.

Currently I play Soko-Ban! – and old puzzle game, Jewel Quest, Torchlight, Unreal Tournament 2004, Black Mesa, Half Life, The Evil Within (which I adoooore), Saw – The Videogame, Dishonored, Turok, The Longest Journey, Amnesia – A Machine for Pigs, Far Cry and Prey – along with other two Hentai titles  – Fuuju Hime and Love Ribbon – which I will not discuss in detail (yet). :)))

And I play now and then – sadly for me..

Also I have written lists with movies I’ve seen – gotta write that down too. The anime series I’ve seen are structured and organized. All I need is some fucking time to escape from all the responsibilities. And post. But time will come.. eventually :))

I recently finished all the Penumbra games, Layers of Fear and the Inheritance DLC, Outlast, Bioshock, which I absolutely adore. Next on my list are the Call of Duty games and everything horror I can get my hands on.

But enough talking.. tonight’s the night.. and it’s going to happen again.. and again.. (like Dexter said).. Let’s play!!


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