Six Months And Counting :)

And the story begins like this.

Early morning. Crowded places. Busy traffic. Lots of sleepy people among which – we find ourselves too. And we start to talk. General stuff because we are strangers. We don’t want to appear weird or stuff from the very first beginning.

Days pass.. we still talk. Universe, movies, jobs, love, people. We kinda get along. We both know it.

Weeks pass.. we see each other for the first time. And you were the first to tell you liked me. First walk together, first real words to each other, first pictures together, first kiss. After that we grew fond of each other. Now and then I fucked up – the boyfriend’s mission :)))) and I made you sad, but you forgave me and I started to change… cuz you know I need you to stay.

We traveled together, took part in the city’s events, we cooked, laughed, embraced, discussed, spend late nights together, kissed first thing in the morning, encouraged one another, changed ideas, worked on ourselves and we helped each other. For everything you did for me I thank you. You are the one I was looking for apparently. And you showed up.

Six months ago. Six months together. Six months of love and joy… and still counting.

I Love You.



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