Remembering: Portal

So.. Today beside studying microeconomics I re-played one of my favorite games – Portal. A first person interactive puzzle adventure game, Portal takes you to an abandoned facility where you play the role of a test-subject – guided by a robotic voice belonging to the facility’s villain GLaDOS. You solve a number of test in order to end up o a fire-course which you have to beat and escape – this taking you to the layer of GlaDOS – which you have to destroy.

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Something very interesting I found today was that someone has actually worked on a transcript of all the voice-lines used in the game. Not an easy thing to do if you ask me. You can read all the script following this linkPortal Game Script.

The game lasts about an hour and continues with a more detailed story in Portal 2. In Portal you learn about the functions of the Portal gun, prospects of momentum, you solve environmental puzzles and gain info about the facility’s history. Portal 2 features more puzzles and intriguing facts. Wanted to play Portal 2 therefore I started with the first game – which I think I played more than 20 times :))). #gamerproblems.



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