It is You. It is about Us.

It was morning. Early. Was silence. The beginning of a new week.

You were still asleep. I just woke up before the lady announcing “it’s 6 fifteen” and saw your pretty sleeping face. U were so calm, so beautiful. U always look so peaceful when u sleep.. it is hard for me to resist not to kiss you. And I never resist. I go with it.. Because u are what I was looking for.


When you laugh uncontrollably, when you sing your favorite songs which you put on repeat in the mornings, when you slowly dance, when you get all serious, when u are excited about riding your bike or having a walk through the city, cooking, reading, looking all hot and smart, when you say how is your day, your greetings and your smiles – each of these elements make me love you even more.

Holding you, touching your hand, playing with your hair, falling asleep next to you, eating salads and other stuff, having conversations on different topics – these are the greatest moments of my life with you. I treasure them. I replay them in my mind when u are not here. And I enjoy every millisecond when they happen.

Because you are my happiness. And I love you.

P.S. – If I could live a second time, I would find you sooner and love you even more.

Wifey 🙂


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