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Infinity Illumini

Ascension. Hybrid. Natural life forms.

Portals of solitude. Gates of creation.

Geometrically formed spaces. Lines of creativity.

Lightnings. Clouds of autumnal leaves. Perfection.

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It is You. It is about Us.

It was morning. Early. Was silence. The beginning of a new week.

You were still asleep. I just woke up before the lady announcing “it’s 6 fifteen” and saw your pretty sleeping face. U were so calm, so beautiful. U always look so peaceful when u sleep.. it is hard for me to resist not to kiss you. And I never resist. I go with it.. Because u are what I was looking for.


When you laugh uncontrollably, when you sing your favorite songs which you put on repeat in the mornings, when you slowly dance, when you get all serious, when u are excited about riding your bike or having a walk through the city, cooking, reading, looking all hot and smart, when you say how is your day, your greetings and your smiles – each of these elements make me love you even more.

Holding you, touching your hand, playing with your hair, falling asleep next to you, eating salads and other stuff, having conversations on different topics – these are the greatest moments of my life with you. I treasure them. I replay them in my mind when u are not here. And I enjoy every millisecond when they happen.

Because you are my happiness. And I love you.

P.S. – If I could live a second time, I would find you sooner and love you even more.

Wifey 🙂

Twin Peaks – S01 E01 – Review

With the reboot of the famous TV-show Twin Peaks, I’ve decided to re-watch the original seasons which premiered in 1990 and were very appreciated.

Twin Peaks Complete spread 0

I recall that I was quite young when I was watching this show with my parents and it appeared to me very intriguing and frightening as well. Loved the soundtrack and I was scared of Bob :))) I was like 4 or 5 back then. And til to this day, Twin Peaks remains one of my favorites.

Created by Mark Frost and David Lynch, the show offers a unique story filled with suspense, mystery, psychological elements and crime details. An autumnal atmosphere linked with everyday life pieces takes you into a labyrinth of questions, a puzzle of existence. All the characters are impressive, have their own way of seeing life and dealing with everything that is happening. A wide range of personalities involved in one of the best stories ever told on screen.

[SPOILER ALERT – I recommend that you watch the series

before reading the following statements!]

The first episode begins with Pete Martell going fishing, when he discovers a corpse wrapped in plastic. The calmness and the silence of this town is about to dissipate. Little anyone knew that one particular murder will change everything for almost everyone in Twin Peaks.

Tension. The fear of the unknown. A lack of certainty. All these things start to happen after Sarah Palmer finds out, one morning that her daughter is missing. Nobody seems to know where she is. But sooner or later she realizes that something is wrong. In these moments the human mind starts playing tricks and takes you into that zone where you start imagining the worst. And the worst is happening…35891bd9aed810f5c14910bcb950f1b1

It happens that the body discovered washed ashore is Laura Palmer – know by everyone in this town. From this point on – enigmatic figures and shades of truth start revealing. It is almost as everything that was supposed to be known has a darker shadow attached to it.

After the family is announced of this tragic event – we assist to an induced turbulence in the characters’ lives.

It is unreal to take and comprehend such an information. Someone gone forever… everything he or she could have been in the future days is limited to nothing. We have a scene in which the wind blows hard on some trees reminding us that every possible angle of an existential storm can change its direction into a new value. It is an ephemeral world.

The murder causes distress in the entire community. Relatives, friends and other subjects close to the victim now take part in a grotesque show of ambivalence.

We discover love triangles, people who use different masks to show when a certain situation is depicted, an imbalance in the routine, people who get involved with this case only to escape from being caught with dirty secrets and so on. A very first impressive episode, filled with details and question marks.66923.original-4216

And then agent Dale Cooper arrives, to give the whole situation a new perspective.

From his arrival, Cooper seems attracted to the new environment and begins to love Twin Peaks, with its good and bad parts. A duality is presented about the town – one part shows pleasant people, hard-working citizens,  culture and development, myths and legends, untouched nature – the other shows the darker facts about these people, their capabilities, secrets, intentions, past and so.

One of the characters, James seems to be a suspect. When he talks to Laura’s best friend, Donna – he explains how different a person Laura was in the evening of her last day alive. The weird silence before the thunderstorm.

From this first episode, lots and lots of questions are raised.

[to be continued…]


Prey – Game Guide – Part 1.0.

So I am back on working articles on this blog. And – since lately I’ve been playing some games – which I am really enjoying – I wanted to start another series of articles – guides – for one of the games I fell in love with.

The so called reboot of the 2006 game Prey. 1465797909-prey-logo

But since people call it a reboot – the game is nothing similar to the previous game sharing the same name. You can only find similarities in the name and the presence of alien creatures that invaded the in-game world.

Developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks, Prey takes you on a journey on the space station named Talos I. As in many games out there – you find yourself on an abandoned facility, filled with corpses of the crew members, creatures that attack you and disastrous conditions.

Talos I has multiple areas that can be explored in order to complete missions, search clues, read emails and notes, find supplies and ammo.


As a first-person perspective game, Prey lets you to interact with the world around you. The protagonist – which you can choose to be a male of a female – wakes up on a Monday, date March 15th 2032. You wake up in your room and you receive a phone-call from your brother regarding some tests you have to complete.

You receive your first quest- First Day On The Job.

Prey 2017-07-04 12-15-31-94

Arriving at the testing area you discover that some sort of alien form is present among the crew members, called Mimics. Thing is, after this event, you once again wake up at the same location, date being the same. You discover that this was all a lie – your room and the space around you being just simulation labs. Your role in exploring and finding out what is really happening begins here.

I currently completely a few other quests like:

I still have some problems with finding key-cards and entering restricted areas – but this is one of the fun things about Prey – you can explore and solve quests as you want, taking your time and finding clues everywhere. One thing I like about the game is that it tells you the amount of time spend playing – like in those fascinating JRPGs, in which you explore and battle creatures over and over to develop and level up your characters. In Prey you can find chip-sets to evolve your suit, neuromodes to gain abilities, chip-sets to improve your weapons and many other things.

Prey 2017-07-06 09-11-58-02
I spend almost 10 hours exploring the space station and battling Mimics and Phantoms and Corrupted machinery. So this guide-article will continue with part 2.0. in which I will talk about neuromods, technologies, recycle systems and other things you can do in Prey.

[to be continued]