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Nekojiru-sou [Conceptual Review]

As an anime fan, I dwell into shows that are purely amazing. Genres like psychological, horror, thriller, dementia and drama are my favorites [as stated many, many times before]. And here I am watching Nekojiru-sou, on a Monday at job :)) [because why not].


Type: OVA
Episodes: 1
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Feb 21, 2001
Licensors: None found, add some
Studios: J.C.Staff
Source: Manga
Duration: 32 min.
Rating: R – 17+ (violence & profanity)


This title embarks you into a world of surreal tenderness, depictions of imagination and strange facts.




We assist to a death scene from almost the very beginning. It is told ritualistically, using a process of three steps. The soul of the poor cat leaves her body after three blinkings, and the forth times she sees death coming for her.


Her brother, after seeing his sister leaving with death, he tries to save her soul from death, and rips apart that aura of her substantiality, making his sister – a shell of her former self. He gains one part of her soul. Death leaves with the other part.


The story-telling process is a complex one.


There are humans depicted as elements in an absurd existence, strange characters, like the cloud-bird in the circus, which is used as a metaphor for cruelty towards animals in a circus. We have God who cuts a female into pieces and puts her together using a spell – which is an epithet for religious expression. Then comes the Noe’s Ark scene, in which humanity brought doom upon themselves – as the official story tells – and not that the nature’s wrath was beyond control in a moment of this planet’s history.


Elements like this are detailing the course of the story written here.




Strange things begin to happen after the waters evaporate. We have elements of voodoo – in which one characters is sewing up parts of corpses to create a sort of community from dead “things”, excessive violence, graphic depictions of gross and unussual behavior.


The tones used are pale, almost rotting, creating a perfect ambiance and an atmosphere for this ilogical and irrational tale of unreason.


One scene in particular was a favorite of mine. I would call it terror-punk subgenre [if that even exists], in which a man with bdsm inclinations is trying to kill our protagonists, but ends up chopped-up by our beloved cute friends. The OVA is produced in such a manner in which the cuteness is very well fusioned with the acts of brutality and tragedies of the story.


Another thing that is very pleasant and demads gratitude is the imagination of the author, used professionally in creating situations and characters out-of-this world. Like the water-elephant or the abstract art used in the backgrouds with a note of H. P. Lovecraft phenomena.


The paradox of time, stopping it, fastforwarding it, elements of the Darwinist theory, mechanisms of life, the evolution of life, historical moments, and the traditional japanese lifestyle – all in one creation.


 I recommend the title for its originality. Score 5/5.

And there it was YOU…

One day I wrote to you saying good morning. Remember…? It was Friday. Busy day, busy people, busy city. Normal conversation, normal situation, normal calculation. (cause you are a mathematician :D).

And after that I discovered parts of your soul. Stories, fragments of poetry written on your smile, photographs of your inner beauty, lines and shapes of cuteness, rivers of kisses, enigmatic shades of embraces, scents of beautiful eyes…

I hold you. In the spring’s rain of sunshine.

I hold you. In the distant memory of my pain.

You hold me. In the fruitful heart of the city.

You hold me. Like no one else ever did.

I stood there watching you… Moving gentle among the shadows of this world. Smiling… a smile that could make meteors dance in far away galaxies. You opened up an Universe unknown to mankind. And yet you were here all along.. like a star playing the violin of life. And when I first kissed you, I melted like the iron of a knight’s sword on the battlefield after a victorious battle.

I imagined you staying in the castle’s opened-up window reading old books, dusty and colorful. You investigated the autumnal song of love…

Dressed in dark shades… with bright intentions. And soft skin, and cupcake-flavored lips.

It was YOU all-along that I desired.. and I found you in this clinically-constructed madness we call an existential condition. And you gave purpose to mine. For that I thank you.

P.S. I am (not) sorry for grabbing your butt on our first date :))) :*…