S.O.M.A. Guide – Part 2 – Lambda Atrocities

The continuation of the first part of the S.O.M.A. series of articles takes us further into the unknown parts of Pathos-II facility. Reaching site Lambda is a crucial point of the story in S.O.M.A.

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After finding out that Catherine is also a robot – she will offer to help you and she will give you a cortex chip in order to clarify what is going on. You learn about project ARK – in which digital copies of various people are prepared for being launched in space – in case of a catastrophic scenario.

You discover that the ARK is still somewhere within Pathos-II and you decide to help launching it, offering yourself to get Catherine to the ARK and copy yourselves unto it.

Your next destination is a sunken ship where the Flesher dwells.

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The Flesher appears as a completely naked humanoid, with a mass of round glowing growths in place of a head, similar to those seen growing on the walls early in the game. The glow from its head can make it easier to spot in dark rooms, and it can easily be distinguished from other atmospheric noises by its raspy inhuman moaning, as well as the sharp banging sound produced by its teleporting.

Here you will have to take a vessel for reaching point Delta. The Flesher will chase you and a very disturbing atmosphere will be presented.

At Site Delta you encounter a delusional robot, which you will have to kill to get a chip for the zeppelin. Simon will start thinking about whether robots deserve such a fate. They don’t even know what diabolical plan their destiny reserved for them, they seem innocent and real, an essence of a good existence – which was not supposed to be altered.

A journey above the abyss of the ocean takes you to the exterior of site Theta. Here you will discover more elements of the story, including a series of suicides. People started to lose their minds after being scanned for The ARK Project. And now you find a friend of Catherine’s which believes she is on the ARK. But the sad truth is something else. She is kept alive by the A.I. unit that grew up all over the Pathos-II facility. She still thinks she is human, so – unfortunately I ended her misery and shut her down.

For a full written walkthrough, you can access these links if you have problems in finishing any of the game’s levels.

Site Lambda

Sunken Ship Curie

Site Delta

Reaching Theta

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