Argue [horror poem]

This darkened rain that pours so soft, This day of war and cruelty... One gallon - blood is coughed And death sings continuity. A lovely, white-pale corpse Of former lover - mine, Just sits and rots, decaying works; One gallon - red mulled wine.   I take a sip, I lose my mind, My temper;… Continue reading Argue [horror poem]


S.O.M.A. Guide – Part 4 – Battle for Continuity

At Omnicron - the protagonist will have to transfer into a new body, in order to survive the descend into the abyss. You have to find a power suit, a new cortex chip, structure gel and a battery pack. This is a dramatic moment - since the transfer into the new robot is only about… Continue reading S.O.M.A. Guide – Part 4 – Battle for Continuity

S.O.M.A. Guide – Part 3 – Theta’s Death Corner

This is a cliche used in many horror games, but abandoned facilities offer a multitude of creepiness levels. Imagine being stranded on the bottom of the ocean, nobody being alive except some digital scan of former living people, mutant creatures that would chase and kill you once they hear you approaching. As you continue with… Continue reading S.O.M.A. Guide – Part 3 – Theta’s Death Corner

S.O.M.A. Guide – Part 2 – Lambda Atrocities

The continuation of the first part of the S.O.M.A. series of articles takes us further into the unknown parts of Pathos-II facility. Reaching site Lambda is a crucial point of the story in S.O.M.A. After finding out that Catherine is also a robot - she will offer to help you and she will give you a cortex chip in… Continue reading S.O.M.A. Guide – Part 2 – Lambda Atrocities

S.O.M.A. Guide – Part 1 – Upsilon Confusion

[spoilers ahead] So.. I decided to play S.O.M.A. again. A taste of survival horror, elements of cyberpunk, a game filled with puzzles, interesting dialogues and a profound exploration of the human and non-human intellect. After a car crash - Simon Jarrett  - deals with brain damage, his brain starts bleeding now and then. Seems that… Continue reading S.O.M.A. Guide – Part 1 – Upsilon Confusion