Can I Get A Hello There

So what’s up people? How have you been? I’ve been really busy (being dead – quoting GLaDOS) with work and other stuff and it seems I neglected a little bit this blog. And I really missed it. But I am back with new articles. That being said let’s get down to business.

I’ve been playing some games almost everyday. It is a ritual for me to dwell into fantasy and stuff and let go reality to vanish itself into thin air.

I experimented with a lot of Android games and also PC games and seen a lot of movies. I am trying to make some lists with everything I’ve watched over the years and also with the games I’ve played.

That will be a bit of hard work and remembering everything is not quite possible. I’ve made notes on the last movies I’ve watched and studied a bit the lists on the internet with the released DVDs  and maybe I can get a pretty decent list of what I’ve seen. I will begin working on this list on Monday since I am at work 12 hours because my colleague is celebrating the Hungarian Easter and he is at home – getting drunk or whatever. Also yesterday I’ve installed on my PC at work the HD version of Age of Empires II – and I want to complete the single player mode.

So being at work will not be as bad as some thought it to be :))

Anyways.. this kinda sums it up. There are a few reviews of games and movies I will present in the next few days. Enjoy. Peace!


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