Monster Musume: A Beastly Love

There are two main genres that I enjoy when watching anime. First and the most important is the horror genre, with all its subgenres like dementia, gore or psychological. The second one is ecchi. Many do like this genre. Makes you think a bit about the fact that you enjoy pervertness and mild nudity and full nudity and sexual depictions of various kinds. I guess it makes me a weird person. I am not so fanatic after all the ecchi shows but I love seeing them once in a while.

Yesterday I finished watching Monster Musume No Iru Nichijou. A comedy that takes place into a world where different species of animals or creatures are integrated into the human society.


And then you have the main protagonist living with multiple females, representing different species. What is different about this harem show is that it exploits the tension between the female characters and their fights and arguments over their beloved Darling-kun.

With each episode a new addition to this “family” takes place. We have a lamia, a bird, a centaur, a slime, a spider and a mermaid, plus other species like ogre, zombie, doppelganger and so.

The characters have strong personalities, they are very unique and the anime reveals that, but since they are females, they all have a weakness for the male protagonist.


I personally prefer Rachnera, the fetishistic arachnid that bondage-plays with the other species.

The anime lacks in a powerful story, it only focuses on what is going on when you live with different girls, trying to please each one of them. There is no powerful meaning in the art style nor in the soundtrack. It is a decent show but far from being a good one.


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