Android Games: Storm of Knight


When I am not playing PC games, you can find me in bed with my tablet in my hands browsing through Android games on various sites.

Today I played Storm of Knight, a 2D online turn-based RPG. At first it is just another clone of League of Angels, with cartoonish graphics and turn-based combat set into a fantasy world where you fight villains. But after playing a couple of hours, new features are added to the gameplay, lots of them.


You go through different locations and fight monsters into completing quests. There are several ways to increase your power and level up:

Instance mode – normal, elite, trial, beast altar, treasure hunter, brave tower, angel and evil.

Challenge mode – arena, grimoire war, rob slave, hero expedition, the powerful king.

Events – various solo and team events.

Daily and achievement quests.

You can increase your character’s powers by obtaining loot and equipment in battles or buying from the shop, using runes to buy stuff in the exchange shop or just visiting the black market.

I currently have four characters. In the hero section you can level up, stage up (increase their powers using star-sacred souls – which look like a one-star dragon ball), you can change your formation and also recruit new characters.

Darkstep – main – level 23 – CP 17767


– Bronze necklace – M. Atk. +125, P. Atk. +125

– Bronze ring – M. Atk. +125, P. Atk. +125

– Bronze edge (sword) – M. Atk. +166, P. Atk. +166

– Bronze armor – HP +499

– Bronze trousers – HP +374, P. Def. +177


Sky strike – attacks single target in the front row with extra 150 damage and gains 8 mana.

Revenge blade – attacks single target in the front row twice with extra 150 damage using 12 mana.

God:  Phoenix blade – deals great damage on single target with extra 2100 damage, using 40 mana.

God’s punishment – attacks all enemies with extra 400 damage, using 18 mana.

Moon Chanter (Support) – level 30 – CP 4760

Skills: Moon Chord II – attacks random single target in the front row, causing 110% damage; Killer Rhapsody II – increases all teammates’ 15% + 100 attack for 3 rounds; Light of Stars I – passively increases 10% M. Atk.

Flame Princess (Magic) – level 27 – CP 4103

Skills: Frost Flame II – attacks random single target in the front row causing 110% damage; Monster Killer – attacks 3 random targets causing 50% + 30% damage; Magic Net I – passively increases 3% CRT. probability.

Holy Knight-S (Defense) – level 25 – CP 3365

Skills: Justice Hit II – attacks random single target in the front row, causing 110% damage; Divine Gift II – attacks enemy and recovers 12% + 600 self HP.

The gameplay is repetitive, it is fast-paced, easy to learn and easy to play. It doesn’t have a main story, just various dialogues about the world the game takes place in. I would say it is good for playing once, just to change the games you are playing. It has an anime-style representation of characters and I think that is the only reason I chose it.

Rated 2/5.

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