Personified Ramblings



This year is almost finished. And yet looking back seems I didn’t do much… Was a pretty hard year, almost just job and staying home, getting drunk or wasting my time with unnecessary people…

Had a break-up and a make-up, some visits at the dentist, got very angry a few times, I laughed and cried, listened to sad songs for weeks, lost myself into video-game worlds, seen some anime and movies and a few TV shows.

Ordinary. Cruelly lame. Boring.

I stayed up late almost every night and went very tired to job the next day.

I wrote a few poems, a few blog posts, nothing impressive, just reminders of what I’m into.

I worked on designs, posters, books,  filming. Had a few changes around the house. Got my girlfriend moving in. Had some very awesome sex sessions, just like the one last night :)))

Got hundreds of cups of coffee and ate unlimited amounts of chips.

Learned that I really don’t need anyone besides my family and my awesome girlfriend.

And I really don’t know what to expect of the next year. This one was tiresome, I need the next one to be more peaceful, more organized, less intense and noisy.

I will work on that.





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