Happy New Year!

Well.. Goodbye 2015. I sincerely will not miss you since you were such a pain in the ass :))  Happy New Year! Wherever you are 🙂


Entering Zero Gravity

I never got to play Dead Space..until  a couple of weeks ago. It never really got me that interested but after trying it I must say it is splendid. And the soundtrack of the game is awesome. Welcome to USG Ishimura - a mining star-ship designed to extract ore from various locations in the unknown… Continue reading Entering Zero Gravity

Monster Musume: A Beastly Love

There are two main genres that I enjoy when watching anime. First and the most important is the horror genre, with all its subgenres like dementia, gore or psychological. The second one is ecchi. Many do like this genre. Makes you think a bit about the fact that you enjoy pervertness and mild nudity and… Continue reading Monster Musume: A Beastly Love

Android Games: Storm of Knight

When I am not playing PC games, you can find me in bed with my tablet in my hands browsing through Android games on various sites. Today I played Storm of Knight, a 2D online turn-based RPG. At first it is just another clone of League of Angels, with cartoonish graphics and turn-based combat set into… Continue reading Android Games: Storm of Knight