Maken-ki! Season One. Guide


I don’t usually go outside of my sphere of dark, twisted, macabre productions when choosing to watch something, especially anime, but I’ve seen a few shows that are totally off my pattern. It is also the case of Maken-ki! which currently I am obsessing over.

The anime deals with genres like comedy, ecchi, harem, supernatural and action. There are both censored and uncensored versions of this show, and you guessed, I watched it uncensored. Even if it depicts everything that is wrong with somebody who is embracing his perverted side, I find it artfully decent. It is not a great show, it is not the lammest one either. Becomes way more interesting watching it with your girlfriend. I enjoyed a few episodes like that.

Maken-ki! tells the story of a group of students who are affiliated with magical elements. This thing makes them able to use various weapons to duel each other at Tenbi Academy, their school or to protect themselves from outer attacks.

Ooyama Takeru enters Tenbi Academy without any knowledge about the true identity of this facility. He just hopes to spend his days surrounded by girls, since the school just turned co-ed. Soon he will receive more than he wished for. From the first episode the harem element will put him into a closed triangle of women interested in him, the childhood female friend, Haruko Amaya, the girl whom he promised, Inaho Kushiya and the girl who sees in him the greatness of her “onii-chan”, Kodama Himegami. Pretty clicheic, but that is what ecchi shows have to offer. The first season and the season specials deal with a lot of nudity and themes like the summer vacation, hot outdoor baths, medical check-ups, sports events, maid cafés and battles between students.

The characters appear simplistic, holding lots of emotions hidden from the rest of the world. Only the main character doesn’t bother putting limits into his behaviour. A further note would suggest that all the male characters are defined as very sexually interested in the female characters which is directly linked with how the female characters appear in the show, voluptuous, cutely dressed and with huge boobs. Japan what?!


The story doesn’t have much to offer besides a rivality between different clans who want the power at Tenbi. Maken-ki are the ones who protect the school and ensure the safety of all students. The main characters belong to this club. 80 percent of the show is about relationships between characters, especially females and the main character. More and more girls will be interested in Takeru… eliminating all chances of seeing a proper evolution in these characters.

Animation looks good. Colorful and cheerful as how a happy, stupid ecchi anime should me. The art is impressive. The characters are well drawn. The anime was adapted by the manga written by Hiromitsu Takeda. He did paid attention in the female anatomy classes!

The soundtrack sounds good. There a few emotional pieces, piano and violin, the best instruments to be used in an anime.

I began watching the second season too, from the first three episodes looks better than the previous season and the story is a little bit more interesting. Of course the nudity is still a strong point, as in any softcore porn show, lol.

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