Forsaken World Mobile

This morning I woke up thinking about posting something on this blog. It’s been a while since the last entry (august 20th). Much has changed, a lot has been happening, I’ll prepare a post about that too, but for now I will explore a subject I’m very fond of: video games.

I played a lot of games this year, both for PC and designed for Android. Today I’ll write about an Android MMORPG called Forsaken World Mobile.

logoThe fantasy genre is one of the biggest themes that can  infinitely be exploited. With imagination comes a large number of possibilities for a story. And as I stated before, I am really interested in stories, the development of characters, of out-of-the-ordinary situations, climaxes and open endings. Probably the best depictions of imagination’s power and nonexistent borders lays within art, within visual creations, within anything that takes you out of this grey reality and puts you into a world where anything can happen. I know, I’m taking this thing too seriously, but I still keep my feet on the ground. But now and then I escape and run into the wilderness of imagination. I lose myself into legend and myth and ethereal virtual lands, into characters and heroes and also villains.

Therefore I play. I play a lot. More than I should :))

Developed by Fedeen Games, Forsaken World Mobile is offered for free on Google Play Store, with in-app purchases. A short description tells us about the game’s features and requirements:

Fantasy, legend, and myth converge in one of the most expansive mobile MMORPGs! Delve into Forsaken World, the acclaimed PC franchise, right from the palm of your hand. Raid epic dungeons and battle legendary bosses for tons of loot! Train exotic mounts, engage in fierce PVP action and more, all in a massively 3D open world! There’s a whole new universe waiting for you – will you answer its call?

√ Free to play fantasy 3D MMORPG!
√ Play online in real time with friends, or destroy them in PVP!
√ Take on dungeons and bosses for epic loot!
√ Revolutionary 3D graphics with beautifully rendered environments!
√ Capture and train exotic mounts!

System Requirements:
– Android OS 4.0 and above
– For an optimal gaming experience, we suggest you play this game on a device with 2G of RAM.
– Internet is required

When you start a new game you get to choose from 5 different classes: Warrior, Assassin, Kindred, Mage and Cleric.

I chose Kindred since it has a cute appearance and deals with dark arts: Kindred are proficient at dark arts. Boiling-hot blood courses through their veins. These delicate-looking vampires wielding mighty crosses to strengthen their pact with their dark masters offer the fresh blood of their enemies as sacrifice.

My character is currently level 19. Kindreds are all females, but most of my options in creating a character in a game are females. They seem more powerful and have unique skills while male characters tend to repeat the same traits. Even in Kritika: The White Knights I currently have two new female characters: Cat Acrobat and Blood Demon.


Helmet: Psychic Hat

                   Power 202, Attack 37~37, MP 233

Pauldron: Psychic Pauldrons

                   Power 309, Attack 41~41, Evasion 21

Belt: Psychic Band

                   Power 226, Defense 19, HP 474

Greaves: Psychic Dress

                   Power 226, Defense 18, HP 460

Shoes: Psychic Boots

                   Power 265, Defense 19, HP 629

Necklace: Worn Amulet

                   Power 10, Accuracy 75

Breastplate: Fragile Skin Jacket

                   Power 505, Defense 38, HP 1216

Gauntlets: Psychic Bracers

                   Power 413, Attack 41~41, Accuracy 31

Weapon: Knighthood Cross

                   Power 303, Attack 159~197

Relic: Equilibrium Relic

                   Power 505, Attack 82~119, Defense 33, HP 1051, MP 218


Currently I have 4 skills that cause Dark Damage.

Attack skill: Dark Ripple – Has a chance to reduce a target’s accuracy, deals 100% basic attack plus damage. Increases Thirst, enters Kindred state when Thirst is full.

Healing Skill: Invigoration – Absorbs HP over a period of time. Deals 100% basic attack plus damage and increases Thirst. HP absorption will be improved under kindred state.

AOE Skill: Blood Fusion – Attacks surrounding enemies multiple times, continuously recovers health. Each attack deals 34% basic attack plus damage and increases Thirst.

Defense Skill: XP Skill – Takes longer to reload, causes a lot of damage to the surrounding enemies, killing multiple targets.

Advancing in level is quite easy until level 30, then the real battle begins. You take daily quests, you can fight in parties to clear dungeons, you can explore and beat monsters in various locations, you get rewards for online time and leveling up. Most of the experience points are gained through completing quests. You can purchase new items and also gain them in battle. You can enhance and level up your gear and relic. Offers a unique perspective upon a fantasy world in which you fight forces that corrupt the land.

You can obtain further information by accessing these links:

Arc Games

Fedeen Games

Forsaken World On Play Store

Forsaken World Official Facebook

Forsaken World Official Twitter


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