Maken-Ki! Character Sheets JP

Official Maken-ki! Character sheets from the anime website. Japanese.


Kate: Puzzle

One of my favorite PC games is Mirror's Edge. Has a lot of strong points which include a cool story, lots of action, an amazing soundtrack and a splendid artwork. I guess that is why I enjoyed it so much, because of the simplistic abstract artwork. I even got a tattoo with the logo of… Continue reading Kate: Puzzle

Maken-ki! Season One. Guide

I don't usually go outside of my sphere of dark, twisted, macabre productions when choosing to watch something, especially anime, but I've seen a few shows that are totally off my pattern. It is also the case of Maken-ki! which currently I am obsessing over. The anime deals with genres like comedy, ecchi, harem, supernatural… Continue reading Maken-ki! Season One. Guide

Now My Son…

What kind of experiments does a dead doctor perform on living patients? You would say that one person that is dead, should stay dead, right? And because we are not discussing zombies here, how is that a dead person can walk, talk, even think, apparently is full of live. This is one of the themes… Continue reading Now My Son…