Perseid Meteor Shower

There are three natural phenomena that I find fascinating: rain, fog and meteor showers. I like the silence before a storm, the sounds of thunders in the distance, the warmth of a summer rain and the sound of rain itself, coming down.

I love cold mornings in the autumn when you cannot see anything because of the fog.. Sorry if you have to drive on these conditions.. But a foggy day.. I just find it calm and also intriguing.

And then we have meteor showers. That second when a miracle sparks.. A bright light then nothingness.. It is like a visual dream.. A last breath of fire.. A last drop of wish..

This August on 12th and 13th days of the months we will be able to see the debris of the Swift-Tuttle comet – called the Perseids. This comet is the only known object to pass for multiple times near our planet.

These Perseids will enter the atmosphere with 60 kilometers per hour. Because of the speed.. the meteors heat up to almost 1700 Celsius degrees.

The comet has been discovered in 1862 by American astronomers Lewis Swift and Horace Tuttle. Was last seen in 1992. A future meteor shower will be in 2126. Also there are debates that this is the comet written about in documents dating from 188 AD and also 69 BC.


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