[Anime] Etotama

So… I remember when I used to watch various anime shows and get very excited with the stories and the development of the characters. Good days.. Listening to their soundtracks and playing games in the summer, drinking ice coffee while watching horror shows at night, blogging about what I saw, reading other blogs, not giving a fuck about the cold, harsh reality :))


I really miss that. I previously wrote in an article how much I miss that and now I said what the hell.. why shouldn’t I start all over with it. Of course my interest in anime is a bit diminished by other things that are on my mind and my work and my other hobbies – but since this is what I really enjoy – I will start writing again about it.

Recently I’ve watched Etotama. Not a very good show.. actually it is very childish and too colorful but I needed something funny to watch. It is about a battle of self-proclamation. Nyaa-tan – the Cat as a symbol in astrology wants to become part of the Chinese Zodiac. In order for that to happen she needs the seals of the other Zodiac member and battle is the way to go.

It is action-oriented, but when the battle starts the characters transform into the Pretty Mode (Disturbing Little Moe Figures That Some Know Them As Chibi) and it ruins the show. Anyways – the anime is actually funny. It is not the smartest one out there but if you want to learn about getting things done and true friendship – this might teach your children a lesson.

Additional details – Etotama on MyAnimeList

Watch online – Etotama online

Wikia – Etotama-wiki

Wikipedia Info – Etotama


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