Filled with delight... A storm, a love, a fight, A blackness in the light. My morning in the night. Your eyes whisper the rain. I see you, want you again, Embrace me, dark profane! The blood kisses the vein... And often I fall for you, With lies that seem so true. And calm, and beautifully… Continue reading DarK


[Last Seen..] #001

I used to write articles about movies, anime, documentaries and all sorts of videos I've watched... Keeping a list with things that I enjoy most. I've been thinking about re-watching lots of shows but honestly I cannot remember all of these. But here is a small list with what I've seen recently and my perceptions… Continue reading [Last Seen..] #001

Perseid Meteor Shower

There are three natural phenomena that I find fascinating: rain, fog and meteor showers. I like the silence before a storm, the sounds of thunders in the distance, the warmth of a summer rain and the sound of rain itself, coming down. I love cold mornings in the autumn when you cannot see anything because… Continue reading Perseid Meteor Shower

[Anime] Etotama

So... I remember when I used to watch various anime shows and get very excited with the stories and the development of the characters. Good days.. Listening to their soundtracks and playing games in the summer, drinking ice coffee while watching horror shows at night, blogging about what I saw, reading other blogs, not giving… Continue reading [Anime] Etotama