This is the end I’ve never seen…

With tears and screams fallen between

With hopes that burn and turn to dust

With broken hearts that breath the rust

With memories so fresh yet faded

With black desires, time we waited

Empty cups… Now empty hearts

The end of us .. It really starts

Where should I go, where should I run

In dusty graves there is no fun

It’s only silence, death and mud

And solitude.. You’re not around

Where are you now, what thing is this?

A nightmares raised above my dreams

And sparkles in the night’s domain

You’re not around… I feel such pain

And seconds turn to hours, days

She’s far away, memory stays

I wish just this would go away

And feel no fears for today

I guess this is goodbye my love

The moon just whispers from above

That after time passes away

Without you… I will be okay.


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