Suicide Letter


The sky is filled with many little bright points. Some of you call them stars. The moon is also up and high on this vaste dark space above me.

A gently breeze comes down on me. I breath slowly. This is probably my last time I feel the wind upon my pale skin.

My mouth is filled with saliva.. Must be the rush I’m getting into. I keep swallowing but my mouth keeps filling with this disastrous liquid…

I close my eyes.

I am alone.. on the highest building in town. There is no one here. Left alone not because of them but because of me. They are gone like this wind that moments ago was hugging me.

Can’t do anything but embrace my solitude now. Chances. Whispers. Tears. Flaws. Desperation. Truth. Desire. Love. Hate. Freedom. Curse.

I was too mean to others and myself and right now I am doing the right thing. Fixing it. Setting the world back in its original state and position.

I do not belong here.. I am out of this world.

I am the night’s faded scream.. The demon of no control. The worm in the rotten flesh. I like it there. I am death.. The brother of nonsense. The bipolarity of mental diseases. The tumor of love…

I am lost without you.

I am on the brink of falling…

I let myself go. Time seems to be stopping. I am in the air.. And you face is all I can see.

You look sad. You look like me. You didn’t wanted this. You turn your back on me and leave. I try to reach you but you’re already too far away. I call your name.. You don’t answer. I try to approach you.. You dissapear.

And instead of you… a grey skinned pavement appears in front of me.

This is my last second. My last breath. My last blink. My last sigh. My last tear. My last memory. My last…

Almost instantly I find myself in your arms.. under the blanket. You smell so good.. You are warm. You are everything.

And I’m reduced to nothing.


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