Dear Esther…

[this article contains spoilers.. if you intend to play the game.. read this article after doing so]

I consider myself a big fan of First Person Shooters or any game that has a first person perspective. I’ve played many games til now.. from survival horrors to point-and-click games, puzzles, browser games, adventure games, role-playing games and so.

But my favorites remain shooters. I’m currently doing some quests in Borderlands but I also play other games.

And today I happened to play Dear Esther…

It is a short game.. a first person exploration game. The protagonist.. a survivor of a shipwreck is writing a letter to his lover. Seems it is the last thing he ever does..

The game has great graphics. You find yourself on a rocky island where you explore your own insanity.

The game presents solitude at its best. You visit places that were touched by an insane man. But who was there before you? Can you find other human beings here? Who left the messages on the rock? Who is waiting for you at the top of the mountain?

Bit by bit you get closer to the truth. You discover the remains of other ships… the remains of long forgotten houses.

Empty. Everything is empty.

The game has two other strong points beside its original gameplay. The soundtrack is amazing and the literature presented here is of a high standard.

Simplicity has never looked this good.

Dear Esther… has four main chapters.. each more interesting than the other.

Below you can enjoy a full-gameplay of Dear Esther. But I also strongly recommend playing the game too.


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