This is the end I've never seen... With tears and screams fallen between With hopes that burn and turn to dust With broken hearts that breath the rust With memories so fresh yet faded With black desires, time we waited Empty cups... Now empty hearts The end of us .. It really starts Where should… Continue reading Goodbye


Dear Esther…

[this article contains spoilers.. if you intend to play the game.. read this article after doing so] I consider myself a big fan of First Person Shooters or any game that has a first person perspective. I've played many games til now.. from survival horrors to point-and-click games, puzzles, browser games, adventure games, role-playing games… Continue reading Dear Esther…


City lights are falling asleep. The rain, emotional, so deep... Beneath the dark, above the light Another wrong turn that seemed right. A cup of blood, a cup of tears I swallow grief, I choke my fears... But once exposed I start to die And falling down, I reach the sky... And there she is,… Continue reading Luna