Monthly Archives: February 2015


It is 14:11.

A normal day outside. Silence. There is no one out there. It’s a cold day. February.

You would think the world ended because of this acid silence.

But then…. in my head…

There are crows there.. Undead crows that eat freshly baked maggots.. Yeah I know.. There is something wrong with me :)))

But aren’t we all crazy.. Fucked up in some way and at some level?

This is just a random post.. Ramblings of a deranged mind. I am not schizophrenic if you ask yourself that… But I had one girlfriend who had it..

Never mind. Last night I dreamed blood.. Dunno if it’s all the fucked up shit I’ve been seeing lately.. Or my dark desire to kill ..

My demons. And in this right moment I ask myself why I am so attracted to darkness. The very cousin of sadness.. And I dwell in both.

I like my songs sad.. My movies dark… My games violent.. My poetry hard to understand.. My girls crazy.. My cup full.. of blood.

See.. Trying to be normal isn’t going to work for me. I have darkness in my every DNA sequence.

But I couldn’t imagine myself any other way.

I opened my window to get some fresh air.. And there it was.. The crow.. My dark beloved friend. I love crows.. And bats.. And foggy mornings.. And rainy days..

And this song..