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Kritika: The White Knights Guide [Part 1]

I personally enjoy more the First Person Shooter genre or the Horror Survival one when we talk gaming.

Of course I played many games that can be included in every genre and subgenre, from flash games to role playing games, point-and-click, puzzles, arcades, intelligent or stupid ones. Used to make reviews of them back then.

So – for my own pleasure and to inform you about aspects of different games I will start a series of articles called Guides in which I will present different games for PC and also for Android.

Kritika: The White Knights is an Android Online 3D RPG by Gamevil.

It is free to play and can become addictive once you start playing and developing a character. In my case every game is addictive lol, since I played every game at least twice.. 😂.

The first thing I want to talk about are the characters. My character at the moment is a level 43 Cat Acrobat.

But you can choose from 5 different characters, each having a unique set of skills and abilities.

Shadow Mage – a mage that users shadows to restrain and annihilate enemies in close combat. Specialized in short-range attacks and inflicts heavy damage. Possesses skills that can bind enemies.

Crimson Assassin – it has been recently added to the game. A character that specializes in short-range battles. Sets herself apart in battles with bosses and PvP (player versus player) matches with her short skill cooldowns and versatile mobility.

Berserker – a character that attacks enemies with much gusto. Possesses various skills that tear through the battlefield and scorching attacks to completely wipe out enemies.

Cat Acrobat – a character with extravagant yet effortless specialized combos ideal for close combat. Possesses various skills including multi-hits. One blow alone can immobilize enemies.

Dark Valkyrie – an expert fighter who always keeps her cool. Can switch from offense to defense in a flash and likes to toy with enemies from a mid range distance.

Well these are the in-game descriptions of each Kritika character. I chose the Cat Acrobat since I like close combat… and because the character was cute (cough). After starting a game, a trainer will guide you through your journey.

You can access Sales – for inner app purchases. I never viewed these as being okay. If you really want to feel the atmosphere and play the game right, you have to battle and earn your own equipment and skill points – otherwise it is irrelevant.

You have a shop from where you can buy stuff. You can either use gold or karats which are very valuable and not so easy to obtain. Karats can be used to buy avatars, wings, weapons, accessories, pets, keys for chests, potions and so on.

Inventory – each RPG has a character’s inventory.

Skills – here you can manage and upgrade your skills.

Sockets – different gems with different abilities are gained throughout the game.

You have a menu for daily quests. By completing them you also gain karats.

Later in the game you are allowed to have a pet. I just messed up a bit with mine (had a Woodster – an angry log.. lol) and accidentally evolved it into UFO… Damn..

The game offers three distinctive types of playing. Stages – travel to various locations and defeat monsters. You gain gold, equipment and experience points. Survival – has two parts – Monster Wave and Tower of Tribulation. The Monster Wave is the quickest way to earn gold. Battle – we have Arena, Versus, Melee. In versus mode you gain karats.

I say once again that karats are hard to obtain but with them you can upgrade your character. I was very impressed after I managed to gain 1200 karats to buy an outfit. Now I have almost 900 and I’ve played the game a lot.

Graphics are good, various effects can be seen during battles.

As you advance the game gets harder. But it is worth a try.

A part two of this article will be published soon – which will take a deeper view upon the character I’ve chosen.

So, try the game – it is unique and you’ll definitely have a good time playing it.


In the name of dark..

Cold. So cold you cannot move. So cold you cannot feel… your heart is frozen and its adaptability to the freezing sensation makes it a clueless organ.. useless.. untouchable.

It is winter.

You know.. the winter that repeats itself every year. Plainly cold.. windy.. with a scent of freshness but with a nuance of dirt.

The perfect mirror image for the human soul. These two.. winter and the human soul have the same mysterious essence.. fresh dirt.

It seems clean even if it is just filth.. sorrow.. pain.. grief.. greed.. selfishness..

It is wind outside. Just like sometimes it is wind in my head. And I start to scream and fucking break everything around me. But the wind doesn’t stop. Contrary to what I expect to happen.. it divides into sparkles of black magic and forms a dark tornado.

It is called my hatred. The devil’s hatred for those who dwell into their own inabilities. Lack of passion.. lack of direction.. lack of purpose.

They say you only die once.. while these fucking maggots swarm around and eat your eyeballs. But with a lack of perspective.. your eyes are already rotten.. nests for angelic worms.

Again.. winter. Time passes by.. lights fade away.. people forget. Only I.. remain captive into a coffin of sad memories. I breathe them.. I drink their blood.. I enjoy my pain.

Sadistically methods of keeping some alive.. some buried.. some close to me.. and some trapped away in an cloudy ocean of unhappiness.

Cold again.. with each second that crosses the domain of existence it seems to be colder and colder.

A tricky weather.. just like the puzzled mind of a serial killer. It waits for you to make a mistake in order to get your vitality. You become a victim of your own ilusions. You dream within dreaming.. you live within death. And after that you vanish.


The night is dark but fragile. It can kill or give birth to emotion. Basically the most important ingredient in everything is emotion.

In the name of dark.. I command you to… feel.