Kritika: The White Knights Guide [Part 1]

I personally enjoy more the First Person Shooter genre or the Horror Survival one when we talk gaming. Of course I played many games that can be included in every genre and subgenre, from flash games to role playing games, point-and-click, puzzles, arcades, intelligent or stupid ones. Used to make reviews of them back then.… Continue reading Kritika: The White Knights Guide [Part 1]


In the name of dark..

Cold. So cold you cannot move. So cold you cannot feel... your heart is frozen and its adaptability to the freezing sensation makes it a clueless organ.. useless.. untouchable. It is winter. You know.. the winter that repeats itself every year. Plainly cold.. windy.. with a scent of freshness but with a nuance of dirt.… Continue reading In the name of dark..