For art`s sake

Indeed many elements are seen by some individuals as art. It all depends on how someone perceives a creation. Art and art forms vary from the strangest thing to the most casual, boring ones.

Speaking of creation – in this category we can include everything that was conceived by the human mind, thought of, imagined, then created as a palpable object or a product to be consumed. I say consumed.. because you consume a song, a poem, a movie… you touch it, but spiritually. And spiritually – it touches you back.. comforts you, calms down your emotions, or by contrary – it fills you up with negativity. It all depends on what you are searching for.

So art – with its unlimited forms is all around us.

Myself, I tend to consume things that are dark, obscure, intensively violent.. because you know – art comforts or disturbs.

Recently I have rewatched several movies that many would not consider them art. Because of the out-of-world, violent messages these movies transmit – these productions were also forbidden for screening in some countries.

For example A Serbian Film.

Literally fucked up – this movie is a depiction of everything that is wrong with society and the humankind today.a-serbian-film-rompe

The movie centers around a former pornstar that tries to offer a good and decent life to his wife and kid. But one day he is recruited for a production – high level art – as he finds out – for the foreign market – by a philosopher with a tragically messed up vision upon the world. Themes like rape, necrophilia make this movie almost unwatchable.

But those are special effects and the resemblance with the truths of this damned world make it a masterpiece. Just think about it. People kill people in order to survive or just for fun. Porn was born a long time ago and each of the models were put in various fucked up situations and raped.

Trust me – art like this can be consumed peacefully – knowing you are surrounded by the safety of your home and you stay relaxed on your couch.

It is a messed up world out there.

Next of the list is the Hostel trilogy. Now these are some films about victimisation.

In a dark, remote corner of Slovakia, tourists find a paradise of drugs and sexual activities. From one particular hostel, filled with strange figures, they are kidnapped and sent for an art exhibition. But little do they know that the main attraction are themselves. Stripped down from freedom and peace, they are tortured and killed. The first two movies were produced by Quentin Tarantino. What is interesting is that all those involved in this Club of hunting down humans are not showing any sign of remorse. It is like those who kill you for money.. think it was the right thing to do.

By now you probably think I am insane. Of course I am. I am the one messed up thinking this is art. Well friend, art disturbs in ways nothing can do. By watching these films you experiment the cold stare of the human eye.. you look into the naked soul of those surrounding you.. and trust me, they are far from warm and loving.

Next one is a lowbudget with an interesting story. It is called Maskhead.

A lesbian couple succeeds in making fetishistic torture porn movies because of the stupidity of those who believe in getting rich quick by showing off some skin.

You may think why is that these movies are all about sex and nakedness – at some point you could consider I am searching for all the depraved elements in the world. Since I am in the position of the critique.. this list was specifically chosen for this article. Yes.. but this is porn.. not art.. you say. Well.. what makes it art is the afilliation with the reality. The film itself is a satire.. a way of mocking stupidity. We have characters that are way too easily manipulated.. and you know that the humankind shines with this attribute..

For art to be recognised.. you have to share it with individuals consuming the same genre. Some see cooking as a form of art.. and it is! Some grow gardens and specialize in botanical research.. which is also art. Some work at construction sites and despite the hard work and the dust and filth.. the final product is art.

Life itself is art. Some of us just forgot their talents…


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