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Cloud temptation

As rain pours down, so does my soul…

Remembering the old, lost goal

Of finding you… Oh, sacred storm

That incompletes me with the form

Of dawn and death and blind desire

Welcome to Hell… embrace the fire.



Grace: The Possession

In order to make a movie involving a possession to stand out in the crowded list of movies using the theme – you really need to apply some new elements of terror. From artworks like The Exorcist or The Exorcism of Emily Rose to lowbudget films involving demonic possession there were almost the same concepts used – the innocent, pure host, the carnal desires, the strange languages spoken, the violence – and ultimately the death. Grace: The Possession – is definitely not the best possesion-themed movie made but it’s worth watching.grace1 The film has all the aspects that I listed above but it depicts them in such manner that the viewer is more absorbed into the story of the protagonist since everythings is seen through her eyes. Even the most intimate moments can be lived through Grace’s experience. Living with her grandmother wasn’t an easy job since the woman is a bit hit-in-the-head. Grace moves out to see the world – but apparently the world is too new to her and she has problems with fitting in. After a party that went wrong, her grandmother pulls her out of school and makes her live trapped in a nightmarish atmosphere. Things start to happen. Visions.. memories of other beings.. strange apparitions.. all leading to a demonic possession. The fun part about the movie is how the others see her possession as a problem that only God can cure. No doctors.. no medicine.. no other treatment but a blind faith. But sometimes not even the faith can save you. The final part of the movie will blown up your mind. It is a very interesting ending.