Dark (1)

What lies beneath a cold darkness?

I keep asking myself what a true purpose of a person can be.

These last few years were extremely wicked. I met various persons just to part ways with them. Wasted time, emotions, I began destroying myself…

I realized I spent so much time and energy on practically nothing. I was blinded by a stupid desire of knowing the true inner perspective of the human being. This shit is like making a contract with a devil out of boredom. Sucks!

Anyway. It all resumes to this… Humans are nothing but selfish, greedy, impatient, gross, stupid creatures that really don’t deserve shit.

You only can rely on yourself.

Would you believe me if I tell you…. all those tears were for nothing… all those sleepless nights were in vain. This is not the way to accomplish things.

Forget. Do not forgive.. let vengeance destroy them at the right time.

The only thing is that after a while you start missing them. Involuntarily you remember their faces… you remember bits of things that happened in various places.

And the struggle to erase those memories begins.

At first it seems that hatred takes over.. by the end of this process of forgetting.. it will all seem stupid.

Say unto you.. I am my own redeemer. I choose the way.

Me.. I just chose darkness…

to be continued…


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