Here Lies..


An inevitable truth. It is the end of the experience here on this realm. Well.. of course that after the shut-down of the brain – other things happen and your spirit and wisdom move onto another dimension but still.. sucks.


Since the early cultures there was something that moved people when someone close to them died. Sometimes this could leave a stain upon them and their condition. But time would do in such a way that these memories would get easier.

But what about thinking that death is some sort of puzzle and the right way to go would have to be original?

In 1832 John Renie – a Welsh house painter left a strange for everybody to decipher after he died. On his gravestone there was carved a rectangle with 19 squares across and 15 squares high… each containing a letter. 

A closer look to this inscription makes you be able to read Here Lies John Renie..  46.000 times.




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