Sons of the Devil [fiction]

Everything begins like this. A dark shadow watching from afar.

Rain pours like there is no hope left. A strange feeling everywhere. You feel suffocated from all the ashes that float around. Dark.. gray..  a color that shouldn’t exist. Maybe it’s not even a color. It was born from all the human fears and broken hearts. It exists only for the destruction of mankind. And yet something good might come out of it. It is called wisdom. You know darkness is more complicated than you think.

It not only can open your eyes but it can make you grow. Not like an infected mushroom filled with in-color rainbows but more like a kingdom of uncertain solitude that shines brightly when put in use for black purposes.

We see the world in a different way. We do not stand for what others give their life for.. We are not interested in being in the center of attention. We like solitude .. we love planning ahead and than striking with all our power.. We like to destroy things but we also love creating them. Destroy things that stand in our way.. creating paths for us to achieve greatness.

We are the sons of the Devil.




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