Pikachu Cafe

Those interested in the Pokemon world and the products depicting the famous game and anime series will have a great surprise after a Pikachu-themed cafe will open in Japan.Burgers. curry-rice, pudding, ice-cream and other products will be available starting with this weekend in Tokyo. 


Never Forgive…

What can really cure a broken heart? What can make all the pain go away like it never existed? What if you happen to lose something precious and you cannot recover after that? In The Woman in Black one of the main themes is the loss of a dear person. A dark vision upon the destruction… Continue reading Never Forgive…

Here Lies..

Death.An inevitable truth. It is the end of the experience here on this realm. Well.. of course that after the shut-down of the brain - other things happen and your spirit and wisdom move onto another dimension but still.. sucks.Burials..Since the early cultures there was something that moved people when someone close to them died.… Continue reading Here Lies..

Sons of the Devil [fiction]

Everything begins like this. A dark shadow watching from afar. Rain pours like there is no hope left. A strange feeling everywhere. You feel suffocated from all the ashes that float around. Dark.. gray..  a color that shouldn't exist. Maybe it's not even a color. It was born from all the human fears and broken… Continue reading Sons of the Devil [fiction]

Just a lady..

Look into her eyes.. See that magical connection? See how she seems different from the rest of the world.. when she laughs.. when she cries.. when she sits there in silence.. when she whispers.. when she sleeps or when she walks around like a princess..Once upon a time there was this strange land between space and… Continue reading Just a lady..