Un:Rated – Julia X

A while back I was keeping records about all the movies I watched, writing impressions and reviews. I took some time off this blog for certain reasons. But now – things must get again in order .

I just watched “Julia X”.


Great minds think alike..but serials killers act alike.

The movie – in it’s natural form is a sort of “date” between two serial killers. A romantic evening that demands more..from both of them. The hunter becomes hunted. The plot is quite simplistic. There are bits here and there about the protagonists. Julia – she was abused. She “hunts” just for pure pleasure. Being abused at an early age, assisting to macabre and violent scenes in her family.. she grew up to become just a fucked-up-in-the-head female.

The torture seems exaggerated sometimes. Wounds that would incapacitate a person are intentionally making the victim to keep fighting, moving and stuff.

You cannot find something original here. Yup.. move on they say.

Julia X has a good attribute – the so called “fleshy” part. Yup..hot chicks painted with fake blood are..let’s just say..hot.

Rated 4,5 on IMDb, the movie was writted by Matt Cunningham and P.J. Pettiette and directed by P.J. Pettiette.



I stumbled upon it because one of the song from the original soundtrack. “Julia’s Wish” was interpreted by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn and produced by Akira Yamaoka (known for his work on the Silent Hill movies and games)


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