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Do you know what a zombie is?

Besides the phantasmagorical methaphors and artistic expression – a zombie is a person just like you…just like me. It does not regain life after a certain death, it does not feed with brains and it does not growl morbidly.

It is a person with a certain past that was shaken up. It lived interesting and intense moments til the point of almost breaking down.

As someone would say – it was in a coma – it felt dead – it was sort to speak dead. Dead in the inside…in the process of thinking and the process of feeling. It kind of lost everything it fought for. When you lose everything you become a zombie. You walk outside with your eyes open but in reality you cannot see anything. The outside world is instantly rejected by your existential conditions.

solitude Funny though, you cannot literally “exist” as a zombie, you are just a ghost in a dark shell. You are a shadow on the ground on a night that has no moon or stars.

You are dark. Darker than black magic.

Darker than the abyss of uncertainty. Nothing can see you. Nothing can touch you. You are practically nothing. A written word. A concept. A zombie is a state. Just after like you got drunk with evil spirits.


Instability. Fear. Delusion. And surreal dreams. All connected as if they were born linked together. Actually they weren’t born at all. They developed over time because of various causes. Their identity was not shown at that time. You only know an answer after you forget what the question was about. You only receive a special present after your birthday. Still I prefer those types of presents because they come at the right moment – and the right moment does not exist.

Methaphorically speaking we all cease to exist when we are introduced to the fucked up order that dominates this planet. You have to make choices. It is a role playing game with chess rules. Without a queen you are just a demented bishop.

We teach others that a zombie is a creature that crossed that fine line between life and death. A corpse that walks again. Some visionaries see them as slow-moving cadavers that have power in a large number. Some see them possessing demonic strenght and agility. They all have this special trait – they are evil – call them your enemy. You find zombies everywhere – comic books, books, movies, podcasts – and of course outside your window. Just pour yourself some coffee and watch the entire city as it walks down under your balcony. They are among us. People with broken hearts, people that have nothing to lose.

I was a zombie too. But someone ressuscitated me. She was…. <beep><beep><beep><beep><beep><beep><beep>

~ the horde assaulted the narrator. please hold on for further details ~

<static noise…………>



Dark corners of consciousness

Flies all over corpses

Angry eyes waiting for us in shadows

No escape, no future, simply no…

Once in… there’s no guarantee you’ll ever get out.



 Nor light…nor dark…only fear…


A sad story, a tragic story… a true story of a man captive in an ethereal nightmare, with no friends, with no food, with no plan to escape reality. A destiny infatuated by broken glass. A boy – Tom Redwood – worker in a mine – trying to get the best out of him.

And the man who is seeking answers – a man who desires to know the absolute truth. Part confident, part curious – he descends into what seems an abandoned mining system somewhere in Northern Greenland. But what awaits him is far from a good and perpetual life. The answers he seeks only bring out more questions and doubt.

Silently, he discovers horrific truths about what that place hid from the outside world.

Dust, rotten wood, rusty metal – spider web, silence – a silence of terror – whispers from beyond the grave and details about the tragedies that occurred here. Confusion, lost temperament, isolation, extreme measures – all in one place. What’s the darkest secret that you can handle.. .what’s the pint of no return.. .who is behind all that faded gray shades?

The hero – Philip – who seeks answers – only receives more question marks. There are signs of life – but a misused one – someone gets killed — some unknown force leaves behind a trail of blood. Some feral creature appears. It’s all becoming a survival option. Prey…predator – all connected in this twisted game.

Someone was here before – lost – forgotten in the dark. Rescue didn’t come. He was able to live eating spiders. These spiders grew larger and in the end they were capable of destroying the human being from the interior of this man. Solitude at its best – the man become obsessed then he lost his mind.


What if there’s no escape?

What if there’s more to it than it seems?

What if the correct answers won’t appear?

What if…?


Portal: Survive

“Hello and, again, welcome to the Aperture Science computer-aided enrichment center.”

Portal: Survive! is a live-action short film based on the hit game Portal. Longer than any previous attempts – this movie shows a brief history of the Portal universe and how GLaDOS managed to make the entire facility a tomb for its employees.

Directed by Colin and Connor McGuire, this film was shot for under $500 at the YouTube Space LA.