Welcome to Barrockstadt

Do you know what I miss most…summers in which I didn’t left my home for days just to play video-games. Fresh air…lemonade..music…peacefullness. I might sound like some sort of weirdo..woow..spending summer inside..well..the air was cooler in there..the freshness of everything..the green plants all around my house..everything made perfect sense. Now… and then I changed between what I played. In the evening was Diablo..the joy of hunting down demons.

In the afternoon was Left 4 Dead..zombiiiiies getting their putrefying heads smashed. But most of the games I enjoyed most were the puzzle type..point-and-click..games like The Longest Journey and Syberia. I played them and replayed them..and I listened to the music from the games like all night long. Used to sleep two hours per night. :)).

And then I remembered this.

Can you imagine sweeter sounds..??

Can you imagine blissfulness..an inner peace that cannot be interrupted by anything? Music is a remedy..it is a way to escape this wicked reality that gets at you sometimes. It is a remedy for a broken soul..for a destroyed heart. Music brings out memories but also helps you create new ones. It has messages. Many hidden messages. At certain points a song can mean a thing. At some other it develops another significance.

Welcome to Barrockstadt. We all are searching for a lost town.


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