Unforseen Consequences [part I] [+18]

Let me tell you the story of how I ended up like this…trapped into this broken mirror.

I’ve been traveling from a distant land called the Unhope. There..everybody who lost their hopes in life..in friends..in something good..are sent to heal. Thing is…once you lost your hopes and of course your faith..there is nothing that can be done for you. You just become an empty shell…without any reason to live for.

And still..some manage to heal. I have no idea how. They just dwell into the caves of the Unhope until they start smiling again.

They see the colors..they feel the wind..stuff like that..enjoy rainy days and even dance to the song of the butterflies..

Once in a while they remember how was it like to be lost into the abyss of the lost souls. But they go back on track quite easily. It is called being down..

Wasn’t my case though…my story was different. I died at an early age..I was just a baby back then when a car hit the bus my mother was in. Her body was smashed and I was thrown through the air into some sort of building. The impact cracked my head open. Since then my thoughts float around easily. I am an invisible entity…I managed to grow up even if I was dead. Since then I learned and learned things..wanted to become something that could help others. I wasn’t visible in the human world. I just induced thoughts and manipulated things from distance. I saved lives and also ruined them.

I prefer to call myself the Tool. I am part of your subconscious. I come into your dreams and fuck them up if I want to. But I don’t want to. I’m here to help. Help you realize you’ve got potential. You can do anything if you set your mind straight. Listen to me…I’m about to tell you three secrets. After I tell you these facts – you will be a new person – you will be changed into something above these little humanity.

I’m sure you already started smirking…ohh secrets…everybody loves secrets..especially after they find them. Well – these secrets come with a price – and I’m sure you cannot afford it. But I will tell you anyway.


Have you ever heard of the Pit of Cruelty? It’s a fucked up place..worse then Hell and all its circles. Even the Devil fears this Pit of Cruelty. It is so fucking wicked you cannot imagine it. It’s built into some sort of death star where the rotten bodies of degenerates end up and fill it with their foul smell. Houses are built from living maggots that crawl around and eat shit. Dead bodies embrace into sadistic dances and puke onto each other. Rivers of blood and piss are everywhere. It’s the most fucked up place that ever existed.

So..secret number one…if you choose to be in life a really shitty person…the Devil spares you from Hell and you end up in the Pit of Cruelty. Ohh my..you will never see another good thing in your eternity. The first thing that happens to you when you end up here is being torn apart by two giant worms. They will rip you into little pieces and then put you back together.

Think of it as a child’s puzzle game. It’s fun.

Then you have to bathe into molded water that really fucking stinks. There is no smell that can be compared to that. Trust me…I accidentally drank from that shit and I nearly died even if I am dead. Don’t ask me how I ended up doing that…it’s a long story…

Anyways..the molded water it’s not that bad from the next thing that comes for you…

It is like a tradition into this Pit that for every newcomer to be held a Festival. It is called the Spring Festival. I don’t know why would they call it like that since there are no season into the Pit of Cruelty. There is no time as well…they do not divide time into days and nights..it’s always evening in there..creepiest shit ever.

Anyways…the main attraction of the Festival is…The Grinder. Oh fuck!! That machine is fucking brilliant.

So…you are the newcomer by example. You get to be thrown into the Grinder and you’ll become minced meat. Then the rotten corpses will eat you and puke you out. In time you will decay and you will be shaped as one of them.

So…this is the first secret I wanted to tell you. Are you already sick?? Common…you said you wanted to hear these facts..it’s not my fault..you did this to yourself.

But maybe you’ll become a better person now..you don’t wanna end up in the Grinder..don’t you?


There are things a person should know and should do. Life is a precious gift and it is up to you what to do with it. There are rainbows on the sky for a reason. A special reason. Wanna know why there are rainbows on the sky..? This is my second secret…

[to be continued…]


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