Welcome to Barrockstadt

Do you know what I miss most...summers in which I didn't left my home for days just to play video-games. Fresh air...lemonade..music...peacefullness. I might sound like some sort of weirdo..woow..spending summer inside..well..the air was cooler in there..the freshness of everything..the green plants all around my house..everything made perfect sense. Now... and then I changed between… Continue reading Welcome to Barrockstadt


Chronicles of Suicide

Let’s pretend that I didn’t catch a glimpse of that. That I was never interested in such things and I found no relief in what was offered there. Let’s pretend I wasn’t born to be put on dusty shelves like many others for people to stare at me and to complain about my defects. I… Continue reading Chronicles of Suicide

Unforseen Consequences [part I] [+18]

Let me tell you the story of how I ended up like this...trapped into this broken mirror. I've been traveling from a distant land called the Unhope. There..everybody who lost their hopes in life..in friends..in something good..are sent to heal. Thing is...once you lost your hopes and of course your faith..there is nothing that can… Continue reading Unforseen Consequences [part I] [+18]