When in doubt hid in the darkest corner of your soul and ask for help. The answers are there.

It hated from the very beginning.

All that moved..that had a sweet scent of life in aura of an abstract emotion. It once was like our the people you see walking down the street with a smile on their faces. was happy. It had everything. It had so much that was beyond its comprehension what to do with that huge list of  blessings. It had needed nothing.

It failed. It desired death. It waited a long time to die..but in vain. Death wouldn’t come so easily.

tumblr_m969ig2fA11qdmo8io1_500Then..out of nowhere a crystal sphere landed near it. The color and the inner and intimate lightness of this new apparition returned a mystifying fascination. A doze of sparkly brightness like a piece of a Heaven’s cloud.

It played with the sphere constantly. Nothing else mattered but these silly non-pausable games.

Day and night..night and day..from dusk til dawn..from midnight to early morning.

Months and years passed by leaving behind nothing but faded shades of happiness.

After all this time it started to get bored… threw the sphere into a lake with boiling dark water. The sphere started to melt..slowly..very slowly.

Each day it would visit that place to see the denatured state of its sphere.

“The sphere is not gone yet. Better come back tomorrow” said to itself.

Notes of grievousness that were secluded in its mind. But it was no longer interested in the sphere. The sooner the sphere vanished..the better.

“The sphere is not gone yet. Better come back tomorrow” was repeated each day. The sphere was still visible.

It wanted to get back the time it had playing with the sphere. But it knew that wouldn’t come true unless it believed.

Month after month he waited for the sphere to corrode and end its existence.

In the end it happened. It was free.

But freedom has parts that are not comprehensible…

Right passed by the lake to remind of the glorious memories with the sphere. It misses the sphere now.

The sphere is gone.


2 thoughts on “Priorities..

  1. Alia Sultan

    This is beyond beautiful.
    “When in doubt hide in the darkest corner of your soul and ask for help. The answers are there.” this reminds me of most of my writings; that is what I always attempt to portray to my readers.
    Lovely and imaginative !


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