When in doubt hid in the darkest corner of your soul and ask for help. The answers are there. It hated from the very beginning. All that moved..that had a sweet scent of life in aura of an abstract emotion. It once was like our the people you see walking… Continue reading Priorities..



Venture forth, if you dare, into the dark heart of Transylvania, where creatures of the night lurk in the shadows. Inspired by Bram Stoker's classic Dracula, this musical opus truly embodies the mysterious land of vampires, witches and werewolves. The seductive and sinister sounds range from haunting piano, violin and harpsichord melodies to creepy pipe… Continue reading Nocturne


In their eyes there is this ancient secret of immortality. In their voices there is this terrible feeling of hunger. In their blood there is this horrific song of hatred. They've been cursed never to forget..independently never to forgive. Always hunting..never resting..always searching..never finding..

All Gone

The lovely night has come. All quiet...peaceful..just like a grave after being dug, just like a memory of a soul that once flew within the fog. All quiet...too quiet for this hour. The stains of blood have been washed by this ridiculous rain. The screams are now an old forgotten melody. The struggle..the despair..the sighs..all… Continue reading All Gone