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The Elfen Lied Cause

It is like a tradition to re-watch Elfen Lied when spring arrives.

And every time I watch it I like it more. There is no substitute for it, not a similar touching story with such deep meanings…no tragedy can conquer like the one of the series.

The first time I saw the anime I was captured by the brutality of it. Raw, grotesque, demented, sick. And every time I re-watched it I inclined to taste more of its sadness.

Elfen Lied TWO

Each of the characters involved in this beautiful yet tragic story has something that evolves from a simple state to a complex inner confrontation with an emotion. They live with a cause..they have a purpose..they define their own priorities..they search an absolute happiness. Even if the surroundings aren’t helping at all..they keep going til there is nothing left to fight for.

Determination? Sacrifice? Courage? Or simple attitudes?