Ringu: A Darker Side

The famous novel by Koji Suzuki – Ringu got 7 movies produced…and the 8th is currently in production. I happened to see the first part today. Ringu – a battle with an unknown force that can and will kill.


A phenomenon of a cursed tape enters the world of reporter Asakawa after 4 teens simultaneously die in a strange, inexplicable way. All this due to watching a weird video-graphic production consisting of bits of strange almost deranged shots, apparently without any signification.

The video has been recorded on a tape by a dead being using her powers that conquered even the playground of death.

Sadako – everyone knows her…become a popular character. Her unique style and actions were able to put her on the list of most cruel villains. The one thing that probably most of the movie fans were happy to find out were details about her life and powers while she was still alive. Sadako was able to kill only by wishing it.

She was the strange one, the misunderstood one, the unwanted one. In the end she gets killed. She is gone…but her unnatural powers persisted. That’s how she managed to make the compilation of the strange videos.

The protagonist – Asakawa (which is a female in the movie contrary to the character in the book) – watches this cursed video and becomes trapped in a battle of surviving.

We see the tension that increases rapidly with every minute that passes by. The movies gets more darker and darker tones. We have a funeral that spread the nuances of death’s black. Then we have the videotape’s blackness and the details consisting the humidity and the decay of the soul.

Another element is the sea. Whenever we have to deal with water – it is always dirty and angry. The ocean is mad – waves are dancing captured in a uneasy way. The rain is pouring down blocking everything in her way. The nature is unleashed. And then in the final part of the movie…when the characters are searching the well for Sadako’s corpse…we have the element of dark water too but this time through Asakawa and her husband we get to feel this humidity, to taste it’s miserable scent.

Sadako won’t give up…

When they feel that everything got its solution…comes a part in which they feel her hatred. Can you blame her..? She was, in fact, murdered just because she was unique and different from the rest of world.

She was…like most of these cases which are inspired by real events..pushed aside, locked from her own will and happiness. Ringu is not a horror film but a psychological thriller that demands concentration upon human actions and thoughts. Everything is disturbed, watery, unfocused…like an eye after crying too much. It is like a headache that won’t kill you but you won’t be like yourself.

Asakawa knowing that he time is coming to an end is captured between being optimistic and strong and letting her emotions come to surface.

In the end it goes well…for some of them.



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