Kenji Kawai – A Discordant Split

After seeing Ringu I cannot stop listening to one of the tracks from the original soundtrack list. Kenji Kawai at his best - in A Discordant Split. Track available for download too. Listen it here - A Discordant Split. A melodic line - a beautiful piano song...sounds that conquer you emotional part and then..something is… Continue reading Kenji Kawai – A Discordant Split


Ringu: A Darker Side

The famous novel by Koji Suzuki - Ringu got 7 movies produced...and the 8th is currently in production. I happened to see the first part today. Ringu - a battle with an unknown force that can and will kill. A phenomenon of a cursed tape enters the world of reporter Asakawa after 4 teens simultaneously… Continue reading Ringu: A Darker Side